ooking Gorgeous with Fascinators, Here Is the Secret

Do you know one fabulous thing in British ladies when they are attending a wedding? Take a look at their head and you will see that, a fascinator. I do not know whether it is a kind of trademark of women over there to wear pink fascinators for weddings or what, but I have to say they look gorgeous with it. Totally beautiful, combined with natural make-up and a pretty dress. You see, although you are not the bride who is absolutely bright in the special occasion, yet as a person that becomes a witness of the sacred ceremony, you have to look lovely. You must.
If are not from UK, probably it is quite awkward to wear something in your head when going to a wedding. I guess this is quite normal and you have nothing to worry about that as wearing pink hats for weddings feels nice and easy to do, besides it makes you look wonderful. You just need to find a fascinator which matches with your outfit, for instance when you plan to wear a reddish dress, red wedding hat will be a perfect decoration for your beautiful hair. But of course, your style option is not just red fascinators for weddings; there will be a lot more colors and types you can choose in the shop. You can consult with your friends who have been accustomed to wear it or a fashion consultant to get the useful tips for putting a fascinator in your head, such as:
Simpler, better
Wedding is a sacred event, not a fashion show nor a party; that is way, it is never a good idea to wear too fancy fascinator with a big shape and too much decoration like bling or flowers. In addition, if it is a wedding, the bride is supposed to be the one who becomes the center of attention, not you as the guest, so be wise. Wear a small, classic and elegant fascinator to look attractive because simple is not always dull.
Consider the fabrication
When you plan to wear a fascinator along with your lovely outfit, you need to consider also the fabrication of it so the decoration looks good on you and match with the surrounding, say the weather. For example, one of your friends has her wedding in a summer and you really want to have a fascinator with you. A milliner Gigi Burris says in this weather, a straw fascinator works well; it feels light, airy, and not too fussy.
Left or right?
It depends on your preference actually, whether you like to put the fascinator in front of your head or just in a side. Gigi Burris suggests, however, to wear the decoration in a side as it looks sweet and easy to pull off rather than in front of your head. So now, which one is better, left or right side? The answer is it is up to you. Most people like to put it in the right hand side, yet if you think the left is better, just go ahead.
Size does matter
Firstly, inappropriate size hides your head or working the other way around like an unseen jewelry; they are not beautiful, really. Secondly, respecting the host of the occasion is a must thus I believe you do not want to distract people’s attention by wearing something large on your head. The last is your fascinator can cover somebody’s face! Do not laugh, just imagine when the wedding has a photo session and your large hat hides a friend behind you. That is rude, you know. Once again, looking amazing in a special occasion is completely fine, and appropriate head decoration makes it perfect.

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ooking Gorgeous with Fascinators, Here Is the Secret


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